The ‘story’ behind the blog name

That Freckled Brunette the title “just happened”, but if you can’t tell in the photo of me in the welcome letter or the one attached to this post, I am without a doubt brunette (Don’t worry, I won’t post a photo of myself with every blog post).

For those who know me personally or have seen my photos on social media, I’m obviously freckled face. There’s no hidden meaning behind this name. Though, throughout my life I have been known as “That girl with the freckles” to people who can never seem to remember my name. So, its suitable.

When it comes down to it the URL names The Freckled Brunette, The Girl with the Freckles and That Brunette were all taken and I was left with That Freckled Brunette. 

I’m sorry,  there’s no in depth meaning behind this title.

Side note: I’m nowhere near my AP Stylebook and the Internet was not helpful in regards to blog titles being italicized or not. So, I went off of Chicago style.

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