Political Rant

We live in a world where society goes back and forth on making sexual assault a serious topic or a running joke. Its disgusting. 

As an American, as a college student, as a mixed woman, I’m embarrassed by how my country has been portraying itself during this election. I mean, this is  choosing the next leader of our country and it’s become a global embarrassment. 

I have a 3 month old niece, I look at her, I see what she’s being born into and its terrifying. I think of her childhood, her college years, her adulthood, her future. What is it going to be like for her? 

I’m in my last year of undergrad, living in New York City, being able to observe the presidential election as a twenty-one year old woman. I am able to watch freely as the first woman to ever be nominated as a presidential candidate runs for office. Though she’s not the ideal candidate for many, she’s broken barriers that no other woman has and that, I respect. 

I know, I’m ranting. I need to get all of this off of my chest. I like to put it this way…

The Bush family has been involved in American politics dating back to the great grandparents of George W. and Jeb. We’ve seen how they’ve worked “corrupted” the system, but yet it’s still here. 

The Clinton family are a lot like the Bush family. Bill and Hillary built their family name and platform. Yes, they’ve played dirty, but they haven’t made complete and utter disasters of themselves like Donald Trump has…

Power is important, yes, but I’d rather have a woman who has dedicated her entire career to politics and creating the woman she is today then a man who makes decisions based off of his emotional state. 

I’m not fond of Hillary Clinton, she does raise a lot of questions. However, as a woman, I respect her because she brought herself up in a mans world. If she was a man all of the things she has done would be brushed off. It’s because she’s breaking barriers that’s scary to people. She’s unique, she’s changing our political system because she doesn’t give up. She’s a fighter and that I respect. 

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  1. I agree with your statements regarding the nature of this election, it has been atrociously carried out and reads more like a MTV reality show than the election of one of the most important offices on the planet.
    For being a woman who fought so vigorously to succeed in the male-dominated field of politics, it’d be foolish to not commend Hillary on her accomplishments. Her success is a testament to the possibilities of which women are capable.
    However I have to disagree with your conclusion on her, I find it to be abrupt in its evaluation.
    You pointed out that there are aspects of Hillary that are questionable, but for whatever reason, be it for the sake of brevity or a distaste for slander politics (personally I find slander politics to be obnoxious and regressive), you gloss over this obstacle. However it seems too large an issue to simply brush under the rug, I think the topic deserves more attention, not the petty tabloid claims but actual public perception.
    The success/virtue of Hillary’s career and the public perception then becomes a “do the ends justify the means?” question.
    Is Hillary’s questionable nature a good representation for female success?
    Do we want our first female president to be a virtous and honest woman history can proudly commend or do we just want a first female president?

    This isn’t an attempt to sway you politically towards another candidate, simply just a response to the article. I hope you understand this as a counterpoint that challenges your reasoning and not a personal attack on your beliefs/opinions. Personally I find the character issue to be far too biased and murky to form any realistic opinion on either of the candidates.
    Also your comment mentioning that the Clintons haven’t made disasters of themselves is largely incorrect, Bill himself was impeached for cheating on his wife on the most important desk in the country.
    Happy voting 🙂


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