Strong enough (Unfinished rambling)

Men fall in love with the idea of being with me

My physical beauty attracts

Even though I don’t see why

My appearance is enchanting to most men

From my freckled face and mixed attributes to my “perfect sized breast” and slim(ish) figure

The idea of me is what’s appealing, but the reality of being with someone like me

And loving someone like me is uneasy and “too much”

Men love the way they think that I should be, but not the way I am.

I am not someone to fix because I’m fixing myself.

I’m not a project

A basket case

A woman with a difficult back ground

Yes, I’ve had a lot of things happen to me and I know at times I say I can’t take it anymore, but it doesn’t mean I’m not strong enough.

Strong enough to make it in this city for 4 years.

Strong enough to recognize bad friends and toxic people

Strong enough to understand what pain is and that it will never go away

Strong enough to have hope my life will work out for the best.

Strong enough that friends look at me for wisdom on how to get through things

Strong enough to know that I’m not just a “pretty face” but I’m also an intelligent, hardworking woman

Strong enough to know that the words of people I wish would uplift me shouldn’t impact my every day life (even though they do at times)

Strong enough to get up everyday and live.

People keep telling me what I should do and not what I want to do

People keep telling me that “it’ll only get better from here, it has to….you’ve hit your lowest point already” instead of listening, getting to know me and understanding that I have the capability to be so much more. To understand I need uplifting and someone to push me to accept my talents and my intellect…

I am strong enough.

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